Comebacks and first 1 hour game



Beta is FINALLY here.

You can watch daily gameplays !


Here is number 1! Have fun, guides and tipps to come.



Strife Companion App

S2 Announced a Strife companion app    The APP will allow you to : Check your Hero stats Customize heroes Feed your pets Enchant items Craft items     The screen shot from the app also reveals part of what we can do with our rewards. It looks like there are red diamonds or blood […]

Another MOBA … really?

Dota , Dota 2 , Heroes of Newerth, Smite,  Bloodline Champions, Infinite Crisis….. the list could go on and on for a long time. The MOBA Genre ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) is the new MMO(RPG)  - (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).   for years and years everybody tried to copy blizzard and […]

Lore #1

A shadow has fallen over the Plane of Strife. An ancient evil, the Dharkwave horde of Sheol, is rumored to have arisen once more. The only thing that stands between the peaceful races of Strife and the threat of deadly invasion is a Rune of Darkstone, the only key that can open the portal to […]

pre slider show list

What is ?

To give you a short explanation what our mission is and how you can be an active or passive part of it, we’ve made this short video. The Image displays show we have planned / are still in pre production ( graphics, scripts, layout and that stuff) – if you would like to help out, […]