What is a ”next gen moba” ? The core differences we know so far, between Strife and the original Dota formula!

S2Games likes to call Strife the next gen Moba,

now the question is what actually is ”next gen” about this game.

What are the big changes and how will they be executed ?

#1 No hardcore supporters who get less useful during endgame

  • There is nobody who will play HARDCORE support – also referred to as the wardbitch –  as we are used to in HoN/Dota

  • Gold from last hits on the lanes is distributed equally – supports will no longer be as underfarmed as before

  • Wards have been removed from the game – supports will be able to buy more than just consumables in the beginning and won’t have to pour their money into wards every couple minutes – this means more effective items that can boost their performance. (Imagine a Glacius / Crystal Maiden being able to buy a Portal Key/ Blink Dagger every game.)

  • More equal roles within the team – typical HARDCARRY or HARDSUPPORT will be gone

#2 Less complicated start and a less steep learning curve

  • Strife has a new way to approach item versatility. We will have ”Basic Items” and their total number will be significantly less than before. You do have the chance to customize your item set and in that way create a similar number of items in the end.  Players who know their play style can customize their items for their needs .  For example; making your items more offensive or defensive.

  • S2 want the game to feel more natural. Because of the gold split, you don’t need to understand who gets to last hit mobs and get harassed for hitting a lane creep. Unlike in HoN/Dota, Strife ”autohitters” won’t be bad anymore.

  • Less confusing artwork. Tim Shannon (Director of Strife) said that it won’t be as hard to actually know where your hero is during a team fight, unlike in HoN/Dota where unclear effects could make it hard to always know what’s going on.

#3 Promoting team work and working with your team – not against it

  • Every MOBA has a horrible community in game. Some may be slightly better than others, but really – they all suck. In Strife you will not be able to chat with the opposing team during the game.

  • Also the distribution of gold explained above, leads to less flaming for ”taking my creepkills”.

  • After every game players get rewards. These rewards will either be:  Increased – if a player give you a thumbs up , stay the same if your mates didn’t you a ranking, or decrease if you team gives you negative rating. At the end of each games players have the option to rate their team mates behavior. Working as a team will now give you extra rewards, while being a douche will actually affect your rewards.

  • The person who does the first hit on neutrals will get their reward. This removes stealing creeps in the jungle. First come first serve.  ( It sound like neutral kills will not split Gold with your team)

#4 Making the game faster and more action based to get away from ”farm fests”

  • The map in Strife will be smaller than in hon. This completely transforms the way a team fight can go. If you take too long in executing your kill, the enemy can rally up and end up being the same amount of players you are.

  • Out of Combat regeneration. To avoid going back after taking some harassment or going for a kill, players will gain increased mana and health regeneration, when not attacking or taking damage for 5 seconds.  The effect stop when attacked or attacking. This will be a huge buff to gankers, who won’t have to TP back when they get low after attacking a lane. Also money that would normally go into buying  teleportation scrolls will now go into items.

  • Kraitos replaced the old ape Kongor (Roshan in Dota). Kraitos will be unleashed for a team on a chosen lane. Instead of giving a token for second life and promoting a passive farm fest until the token/aegis is almost gone, Kraitos is an aggressive reward for the team to kill his guard. Kraitos will attack  buildings; towers will be disarmed when attacked. – There is no info yet on how long a team can wait to spawn Kraitos.

#5 Other things that are  new.

  • Pets. In Strife there are different pet types. These pets all have their own purpose and will follow you in game.  Each pet can level up and grant you bonuses, like healing.  With rewards earned at the end of each game, you’ll be able to unlock pets and have them gain experience.

  • Items.  As mentioned before, Strife will have less items than the other games at the start. But you can customize each item in different way, which in the end may produce even more variety in total Item count. What restrictions the customization have and the cost – if there is one – is not known yet.

  • Dual Heroes. This is not new entirely, since LoL has the same system. But the original Dota reworks like HoN/Dota2 do not have this option. It makes up for interesting new ways of drafting heroes in competitive play. Each hero can be picked twice, but only once per team.

  • Significantly less heroes. S2 told venturebeat.com, that the total number of heroes won’t end up anywhere near 100. (Hon has 119 (so far)). This will make the game a little bit less complicated, but the variety won’t be impacted as much since heroes are pick able twice.

I hope you liked this little article. Be sure to come back for much more, as soon as Beta is released!

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